I recently started a new adventure hard work in my life which took me far away from home without friends and family close by to run to when push comes to shove and for support. It was all about me being independent and learning to survive on my own.


I had to meet new people and make new friends which was a bit difficult for me because as much as i love talking and playing, getting to meet new people and make new friends is not one of the gifts God has given to me and i have also not bothered developing it.


But this act process(i call it process because it is still ongoing) has taught me two important lesson about life which is what inspired me to write this down.

First thing I will say is that “No One will Appreciate You if you Don’t Appreciate yourself”. Pmen5eople tend to value what you value If you don’t value yourself or value anything about you, you don’t expect people to value them too. Having values doesn’t mean you should be proud and all that but means having things you stand for and EXHIBITING them in your disposition. I mean in everything you do.



Secondly i understood that you have to learn to accept yourself for who you are. You are a different human being from over 7.125billion people in the world according to World Bank. I mean isn’t this exciting? Out of that number above, You are different.I mean this should be exciting to everyone. But it is not that straight forward, I  sometimes don’t acknowledge how unique i am, how important i am, how exciting i am.

We have to know that we have something to offer, wherever we find ourselves. We shouldn’t feel that anyone is above us or otherwise. We have our strengths and this should be amplified and we also have our weakness/deficiency; some of which we can’t change and some of which we can if we put conscious efforts to make ourselves better


This is just saying that no matter how you feel when you get to someplace new or meet new people, know at the back of your mind that you are valuable and you have something great to offer that the world needs at the moment. So don’t just sit back and let things happen. Make things happen. You are not just one out of 7.1billion people for nothing. You are significant, you are interconnected with people who sometimes you don’t even know yet.

Attach Value to Yourself and Remain Significant.