I had an interesting conversation this morning.

Someone called and asked me a rather tricky question. She said I give people so much but when i receive I don’t receive as much as i give.

Then I asked myself “Why do You Give?”

What is Giving. Giving in literal terms means to handover, to sacrifice.

Sacrifice really entails what giving is.

When people begin to understand that giving is Sacrifice, they will understand the concept of giving. Giving is one of the greatest principles of life. Giving is Divine.

When you give, you are obeying one of Gods greatest Command. Giving is a ladder to Success. But when giving, whatever it might be, ask yourself this question “Are you giving for the right reasons?”

What are the right reasons for giving?

I only know of one right reason which is “Giving must come from the heart”. You do not give to expect anything in return”

Giving must come with love.

“Giving without expectation leads to receiving without limitation”