Usually I hear people say “all is vanity”. I never took it serious because I had so many questions against it which made me not take it very serious. Until a particular day when a room in my house was on fire. Everyone running from every corner trying to put off the fire to prevent it from increasing. But after several minutes we were able to put off the fire. I decided to go check the room out and I discovered that everything was gone, all in flames. I mean everything.

I started asking myself some questions that what if I had my favorite clothes and other stuffs in that room. They will all be gone in flames. No one was rushing to save clothes or electrical appliances; everyone was trying to save their lives.


 I remembered the quote which I overlooked for so many years that everything is vanity. My soul was heavy with so many questions but the most important one that kept on bothering me was what have you done with the most important part of your body that can’t get burnt. Is it beautiful? Have I taken care of it enough? Different questions in different ways. Then it occurred to me that we spend more making the container beautiful and leaving it with no contents. We spend more time acquiring things that can leave us in a flash. Whereas the one that lasts forever we do nothing about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we shouldn’t look beautiful or acquire things that make our lives easier but in doing so, we should remember eternal life. We should take care of our soul that will last forever. We may think we might stil have time but before we know it’s too late. Let’s start from today, let’s start from now. Lest start filling our container with contents.