I always hear people say respect is reciprocal. They also say you get what you give. But what is the meaning of RESPECT. To me, respect means giving honor to who honor is due. Now the hypothetical question is “DO YOU DESERVE HONOR, ARE U DUE TO HONOR”. This means that we don’t just get respect because we are older than people or because we gave birth to them. We EARN respect.  You work for your respect and you get it. Because people are always scared of you when you come or when you scream at them to do some things, they do it in no time doesn’t mean you are respected. It might also mean fear. They are scared of you, they don’t respect you. But after this little introduction, you will be wondering. How do I know I am respected?  How do I earn respect? We are going to take this one after the other. How will you know when you are respected? As a parent, your children should be able to tell you ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. You should be their confidant. They shouldn’t be scared because mommy and daddy are coming home. They should be happy because you are arriving. They should be able to do things at your front, crack some silly jokes and you all laugh. They should be able to surprisingly hug you and tell you they love and you will be able to tell they really love you. This doesn’t mean you don’t discipline your children but you do it in a way that your point is clear. Sometimes letting the children make the little mistake to learn their lesson means you love them and until they have made that mistake and seen that that way is no good for them; their curiosity will not be satisfied. To me, the only way to earn respect is through love. Show them you love them in everything you do, in correcting them and in helping. When you show them love you are going to definitely earn their respect. Now, the question is DO I DESERVE RESPECT? Thank you and God bless you.

                                                                                                 AIKOMO OLUWANIFEMI