How often have we found ourselves doing things so people will  acknowledge or not doing things because you are bothered about what people will say.

How often have we found ourselves thinking of what Shade, Wale, Chinedu Salewa and George thinks about us?

How often have we found ourselves doing things for people’s glorification and not doing things because of People’s condemnation.

How often do we look for validation to make sure we are as cool as them.

We all want to be accepted. We want to be the People’s Choice.

What if they don’t approve you? What if you are not the People’s choice.

Will you die? Does it really matter what they think? (Except they are paying your salary)

This is a process I have been dealing with. Waiting for people to accept me. Hoping people will like me. Waiting for People’s Validation.

But i have made a conscious effort  to let go and live life in the present moment.

Though i have no set down guidelines on how to overcome. But i am going to believe in the process and Live in the moment.,

This is my first step. Accepting it and looking for a solution.