Watching Fela Durotoye, Reuben Abati, Mo Abudu and few other people discuss the New Africa on Moments with Mo brought about the inspiration for this write up.

A new Africa is an African with a changed mindset, an African who is ready to take on responsibilities, an African who decides to be good even when everyone is bad. An African who stands for right when wrong seems so right, an African who picks up his mates when they fall.

New Africa

What is wrong with this Africa?
I classify the problems of Africa into two Leadership and Innovation.

I’ll start with Innovation. We always have to catch up with technology. We are always behind. There is little or no innovation in Africa. We just copy what other countries are doing and adapt it.

Innovation is just a minor part of the problem. The major problem with Africa is Leadership. We cannot have great innovation with bad leadership. Leadership forms the beginning and the end of Africa’s problem.

Fela Durotoye defined a leader as someone who takes on his responsibilities. He doesn’t push the blame to someone else. This means leadership has no age group or status. We all can be Leaders. In our small capacity we can be leaders.

Picture1Leaders are not just people in the political class. Leadership is not until you become a president or a Head of State. From the day you are born, till the day you die. We all have responsibilities. So it’s left to us to take on the responsibilities from the minor ones to major ones.

Africa lacks good leaders. Africa suffers from scarcity of good leaders. We need to start creating good leaders amongst ourselves. If we can’t produce good leader amongst ourselves, we can’t produce good political leaders.

Let’s take a quick test, and see if we can become great leaders in future. We are leaders in every aspect of our lives, starting from leading ourselves, to leading our younger ones and to every capacity we occupy. Now let’s rate ourselves. Have we performed well so Far? Are we capable of being political leaders? Do you think you can do better? We all know our answers.


We all need to stand up and make ourselves great leaders. Fela Durotoye said the opposite of Leaders are Youths. Youths are people who defer responsibilities and this simply means we have so many youths in power. Leadership is not all about age or maturity or status or anything else, it’s about you knowing what is right and doing it, it’s about you owning up to responsibilities.

Let’s start becoming Leaders. And not waiting for someone to lead us. let’s start leading ourselves. Then we can lead others.


The first and most important way is good leadership. Bringing up good leaders from amongst us. This is the only way to get the New Africa. Good leadership will end a lot of challenges facing African countries, it will end corruption, terrorism, poverty and bring a whole lot of good deeds to the continent as a whole.

Take a look at Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first prime minister. About half a century ago, Singapore was an island without any natural resources to call its own but now it’s known for its efficient infrastructure, rooftop bars and the host city for the only night race on the formula 1 calendar.


I know you are wondering what might have happened, totally changing from a shit-zone to a chill-zone. Out of a lot of explanation, I’m certain magic/miracle is not one of them.

Singapore skyrocketed from being a third world country to a first in just 35 years. This is a very good example of what good leadership is. Lee first had the vision, he made people believe in the vision and he also worked on the vision and made it become a reality. He believed in the simple things, from planting of trees, to building the first skyscraper.

Singapore is what it is now because of some basic things like transparent tax regime, clean and efficient bureaucracy, and strong regulatory and legal framework. These factors led to a beautiful, powerful and wealthy financial center where millions of people troop in every year to visit.

Another way to make become the new Africa is to infuse our values. We have a lot og values that we need to infuse to ourselves and young ones. Values like Education, respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and selflessness. These are the values of a New Africa and it must be infused.


We need to create self-love for Africa. Make Africa the winning team. Most people travel abroad because they want to be on the winning team. They want to be where it’s trending. We need to make our Africa great, make Africa the winning team. Create Self-love for Africa. Then we can become the winning team.