We all know this popular TV show. “The Voice”. We all know how it works. The modalities. Where you have to sing so well that the judges will turn their seat and you will have to decide which of them you want to mentor you through the competition.

This is how our lives are. We are having a blind audition. We have to perform so well that we will have options to choose from not that we just select what life presents to us.

This means we have to put in our best so that the four judges of life can be at our disposal.

So that we can have options to choose for. We all want all the good things of life but are we singing so well so that we will have options to choose from.

This should be our motivation. This should be our drive. Many of us want all the four judges to turn to us. But we are not practising so well at the moment. We are not putting in our best during the auditions.

Decide to live well now so you can have options later.motley-inspires-1