A young man was walking. He saw a blind man and asked him for directions to success. The blind man pointed to a particular direction. The man thanked the blind man and moved towards the direction. As he got closer, he was hit with a splat. He left there and went back to meet the blind man and asked him for directions again saying the former direction isn’t the way to success. When asked again, the blind man pointed to the same direction. The man reluctantly went and as he got closer again he was hit with a splat. Angrily, he went back to the blind man saying the place he pointed to isn’t the way to success that he was just being hit with a splat. The blind man smiled and said SUCCESS IS JUST AFTER THE SPLAT.
This is just trying to tell us that things won’t come easy, we just have to persevere to attain success. Your success is right after That obstacle. Yours might not be a splat but its something preventing you from attaing success. Your success is Right after it.
HANG ON. You will soon OVERCOME.
Have a blessed day.

Aikomo Nifemi