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Quote for the Day


You’ve to be yourself even if everyone does not like it. Do not try to fit into someone else’s cloth. Be Yourself.

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Are You on Track?

Something to think about!!!

It’s always easy and nice to shout TGIF because nothing is more relieving than the weekend. After a long weeks work, we get to rest, take care of ourselves. But so many time, each week goes by without us reviewing…

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Just a phone call away


Technology has made everyone just a phone call or text message away. We all claim to be busy with stuffs and we forgot to do the important things. Keep in touch with people. Until it become too late. Why don’t…

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Treat Others Well

Something to think about!!!

We have monthly meetings with one of our clients and this sometimes these meetings hold at their office. During those meetings we are never offered water, talk less of snacks. Today, they decided to have the meeting at our place….

Editor's Picks

Traffic Light

The way a traffic light works properly explains how life works. One light goes green and another goes red. The same happens in life, someone light goes green and another one goes red. We all have our time in life...

Quote for the day

Quote for the Day

Quote for the Day

Your Job

It’s not always about how you do the job. Its about your attitude to the Job.