Opportunity, they say does not knock but presents itself when you beat down the door. For me, I would explain beating down the door as when you keep working hard and putting in the effort. But how many times more than often do individuals get the opportunity to use their talent in the best way they can imagine.

Are opportunities equally distributed?

These are some of the questions that crossed my mind when I met two people on a recent trip to Abeokuta. There was this woman – Bukky- who gave us a tour of the rocks. She spoke very fluent English and I thought she will be a very good radio or TV presenter. and she will do so well at interviews. Different questions ran through my mind. For instance, did she recognize the talent she has? Is she fine just giving tours? Does she know there is something better? Or has she not found the opportunity to try other things? I asked myself again;

How does one access information that translates to opportunity?

As I thought on these things, I met Wale (a hearing-impaired young man) who takes great pictures. He knows his angles and he is very good at posing as well.  

Like Bukky, Wale has the talent but no opportunities to showcase his skills? this young man definitely has the talent, but does he have the opportunity to pursue it or does he know he could be doing greater things with the talent he has. I started asking myself all over again, does he know he is good at this? Does he even know what photography is? Does he have someone to tell how best to explore his talent? Has he ever gotten the opportunity for him to explore his talent?  

These questions kept running through my mind especially because there are so many people like Wale and Bukky around the world beating down the door every day, but yet the opportunity does not present itself. Do some people know that they might never get the opportunity to use their talent in the best way possible.

These questions kept running through my mind especially because Bukky and Wale are quite talented and can use their skills to do more and be more for themselves and the larger society. So, what to do?

  1. Be clear on your purpose. For me, I am unable to decipher if Bukky and Wale are content with where they are now versus if they seek to improve themselves. If it’s the former, they will need to be on their skills e.g. networking, practising and deliberately exposing themselves
  2. Encourage people to be better: As I mentioned, I am not sure Wale is aware of the skills he has, if that’s the case, it’s up to people like me to help him understand how he can use this skills to create a better life for himself
  3. Be consistent: consistency and perseverance are important in the times when everything seems to go south.

I am going to conclude with a discussion I had with a friend and he says; Opportunities mirror your reality.  The opportunity that presents itself is the ones we want for ourselves. The one that we think it is best for us. A lot of people are trying to farm on a piece of land filled with Diamonds.

As the saying goes, it’s always darkest before dawn. I do not take this as a platitude but as being ready for when opportunity knocks.