Have you ever reached the point where you look at your life and you wonder what you have achieved so far. You begin to beat yourself up knowing you can achieve more and wishing you had achieved more. Even with a lot of achievements so far, it looks like you have done nothing.

Yes, Almost everyone gets to that point. Even me. The point where they just want more out of life, where everything looks so near but far away, looks so near but even with stretching your hands can’t reach it. You naturally become so sad and moody and everyone around you instantaneously does better than you.

This is not the time to be alone. This is the time to look for someone to talk to. Someone to lift your spirit. Someone to remind you how special you are. Someone to pat your back and remind you that you can conquer the world. Someone to tell you you have done so well for yourself and you will do more. And finally someone to tell you, you have got something that others don’t have. You’ve got an assurance, a backbone, something to fall back on, someone to hold you back. You’ve got that and that should give you enough Joy and Peace.Because you know God is enough. And this should give us enough satisfaction.

Just keep doing two things and you will get to the promised land.