I sat down almost all morning with the strong feeling to write something down but no idea of a title. I kept looking at everything for clues and guidelines on what I can title this article and what I can write on but still, nothing.

Then I started thinking of experiential marketing eventually taking over the marketing cycle. Then it struck me! This too can be related to our spiritual lives: Christianity. Before I proceed, I’ll say a little bit of marketing jargons for us to properly understand what this is all about. In marketing we have two form; above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) also known as experiential.


Above-the-line makes up the TV commercials, press ads, radio jingles, billboards, out of home and the rest, while below the line is activations, going to the streets so the people can sample the brand, etc. Experience the brand. Gradually, the marketing cycle is moving towards below the line. People no longer want press ads and others anymore they want to experience the brand, they want to see the brand pay-off coming to play and you know what this brings about ; BRAND LOVE. People love the brand and also have top of the mind awareness for the brand and don’t want to try any other brand.



The same thing goes with Christianity. Here, the brand is God. God is our brand, what we represent. For a while people had just had “Above the Line” marketing of God whereby pastors stand on the alter preaching about the miracles of God, what he can do and what he has done. Preaching about his good deeds. But just like the marketing cycle is moving to experiential, same goes for Christianity. People now want to experience God, People want to personally sample(try) God so they can go to get more from him.

They want a sip from God. The sip brings about thirst. The thirst for more. Once this can be achieved, it brings about brand love, brand awareness and top of the mind awareness.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying ‘Above the Line” is totally useless. It is still very useful because it is used to build BRAND IMAGE. The messages on the pulpit, the miracles told to us are needed to build the image of God in our lives and this is needed before we can experience God.

Also, above the line marketing reaches a wide form of consumers. Not everyone will be chanced to get sampled and this is the buttered truth. This is why our messages, our tracts, daily bible messages are needed because it reaches a whole wide form of people that experiencing the brand (God) doesn’t meet.

But you know what above the line doesn’t do? It doesn’t build long-lasting relationship with the brand (God) and this is what we want. We want a long lasting relationship with our brand, we want Brand Love. Top of the mind awareness for God, our brand. WE need to experience God PERSONALLY. That’s the only way to build a long lasting relationship with God that we want.


Experience God Today.