Yaay. I decided to write again after 8 months. The End.

This is how this write up should end but if I am being truthful to myself, a lot has happened in the last 8 months. I am writing this mainly to encourage myself and to kick off my goal of continuing my blog this year. Just in case you get to the end of this write-up and you are wondering what to take away from this, here we go ‘Live your best life, Enjoy the present

January was probably the best and the worst month so far this year. I just finished my masters, I got a job in England and I had fallen in love with someone special. I was on top of the world, nothing else could spoil my mood. But you know life, when you are in the club sipping some Henny and dancing shaku, your phone screen breaks. Kills the whole damn vibe.  This is exactly what happened to me, I had to leave my job ‘in the abroad’ because I could not get my Visa, I told the girl I really liked how I felt and she did not feel the same way. Next thing I know, I was on a flight back to Nigeria thinking how did shit get this bad so quick, fam. Man, it was disappointing.

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All of this time, I was sad and so focused on how so many things were not going on so well in my life and just wanted to get a swift change and let things become better. Talked to different people about how I felt and what I was going through and the two constant feedback I get from each and every other person was one ‘sometimes, these things take time’ and two ‘enjoy the moment’. The latter meant more to me because for a while I had refused to enjoy the moment, I had let my challenges become my motivation for action. This can be said for so many of us going through anything at this point. If I am going to tell you I have learnt anything so far will be those two things.

I took heed of the advice I was given and decided to live life, enjoy the moment and learn that this present moment will not come back to me.

Watch me ‘Living my best life’. The Real End.